Unstitched EMBROIDERED – Off White and Deep Red (BD-2103)



Embroidered Organza Neckline
Embroidered Organza Neck Lace With Pearl Work
Embroidered Organza Line Karandi Front
Embroidered Organza Line Karandi Sleeves
Embroidered Organza Sleeve Patti-1
Embroidered Velvet Sleeve Patti-2
Embroidered Organza Ghera Lace-1 With Pearl Front
Embroidered Organza Ghera
Lace-1 Back
Embroidered Velvet Ghera Lace-2 Front & Back
Organza Line Karandi Back
Embroidered Net Dupatta
Embroidered Raw Silk Dupatta Lace
Dyed cotton satin undershirt, Digital printed cotton satin dhaka pajama.


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